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A terraced home garden

A well laid out landscaped garden not only enhances the look of your home, but also adds a bit of beauty; that extra bit of finesse that makes a house a home and gives it a bit of individuality and personality. In fact, a beautiful garden can serve as a welcoming entrance to your home, which is one of the most important factors in creating your home's personality. And that is what is all about. Through our hands-on experience and knowledge on landscaping and garden designs, and our easy to follow do-it-yourself guides and advice, stacked with all sorts of gardening ideas and tips, we will help you to grow your own home garden and enhance the beauty and splendor of that garden with every passing season. All the pages on this landscape and gardening website are aimed at providing you with information on how to successfully and easily design, create and maintain your very own garden landscape without requiring the services of a landscape designer, landscape architects or outside contractors. Let's face it, a landscape designer and landscape architects do not come cheaply, especially if you garden on a limited budget. Our aim is to help you make your garden your own with a beautifully finished landscape design that will save you time and money, without the mistakes and frustrations we faced when we first started gardening and landscaping. Thus, our ultimate aim is to inspire you to create your own front yard and backyard landscaping that you can be proud of.

In the various sections of this website we cover different aspects of the home garden starting with guides on landscaping, the garden soil, and the different types of fertilizer before moving on to the various types of plants and trees you can plant in your own home garden. We also cover vegetable gardening and herb gardening. Our current landscape and garden sections include the following:


In our landscaping section we provide you with all the information that you would need to design and layout a landscape for your garden; starting with basic landscaping ideas, easy to follow landscaping designs and plans, to the different garden styles that you can implement in your landscape. We also cover the limiting factors in landscape design as well as the principles of landscape design. We also provide you with step-by-step guides to common landscape tasks, such as creating pathways, and borders, as well as patio areas. The ultimate aim of this section is to provide you with a practical start to your own landscaping and landscape design.

Garden Soil

In our section on garden soil we introduce you to the different types of soil you may find in the garden, and how plants grow in those types of soil. We also help you determine which types of soil your garden has, and how to test you soil's pH level as it will influence your plant selection. We also discuss the quality and fertility of the soil, which is important as plants depend on the soil for water and nutrients and support for the roots that anchor the plant; this is where different types of fertilizer can play an important role. Special emphasis is placed on how to apply the different types of organic fertilizer to the type of garden soil specific to your garden.

Container Gardens

Our container gardening section is aimed especially at people living in a townhouse complex where gardening space may be at a premium, however, container gardening can also be applied to patio areas and balconies to add that extra bit of character and life. In this section we help you choose the ideal potting plants that will thrive in containers, and also help you to choose the best container for your plants. In addition, we discuss choosing the correct potting soil and fertilizer for the container garden, when to repot your plants, and using containers and pot plants in the outdoor areas as well as indoors.

Plants in a water garden

Water Gardens

Our section on water gardens looks at bringing the soothing tranquility, and sometimes hypnotic characteristics of flowing water into the garden. The availability of flexible plastic liners, inexpensive water pumps, pre-fabricated garden ponds and other water features have made making water gardens more accessible and the have become quite popular in recent years. In this section we'll discuss how to incorporate these water features into your existing home garden. We also discuss how to incorporate water features in your landscape design and how to use these features as a focal point in your front garden. We also have DIY tips on installing a garden pond and selecting the right types of aquatic plants for your pond.

Vegetable Gardens

Our section on vegetable gardening will help you on your way to a successful harvest of vegetables grown in your own garden. This section is quite divers and is aimed at the serious gardener who tries to get the highest possible yield of fresh vegetables for their harvest as well as the small home gardener who does not really have the time or inclination for intense gardening and just want to get something back from the garden with minimum effort. We discuss growing and caring for various vegetable crops, from ordinary onions and potatoes to exotic brinjals. We also have all the gardening tips, from soil preparation to crop rotation, as well as a month-to-month sowing guide to help you to provide sufficient fresh fruits and vegetables all year round for a family of four in four meters by four meters vegetable bed.

Herb Gardens

Lavender in bloom

Just as herbs are essential ingredients for flavoring and spicing up recipes all over the world, no garden is complete without them. In this section we will help you establish a herb garden regardless of the amount of available space you have, whether you just have a little balcony or a small area in your backyard, or alongside your house or garage, or vast expanses of space. We discuss how to prepare the soil for your herbs, how to care for you herbs, and how to eradicate common pests without using harmful chemicals. We cover most of the popular herbs like parsley, lavender, rosemary, etc. and discuss the various uses of these herbs.

Orchid Gardens

Our section on the fascinating and charming orchid plants is aimed at the ordinary do-it-yourself gardener who wants to grow orchids. There is a school of thought that placed orchids in a mythical bracket which put growing orchids out of reach for the ordinary gardener; but in this section we will dispel some of these misconceptions and show you how easy it is to create your own orchid garden. We look at the different types of orchids, from Cymbidiums and Cattleya to Miltoniopsis and Dendrobiums, and the different climatic areas that these orchids thrive in so that you can choose the orchids best suited to your climate. We also help you reproduce the conditions that will allow you grow orchids at their best and provide you with tips on how to care for orchids and how to treat the various diseases they may encounter.